Masjid Omar ibn Al-Khattab

Our Vision

  • Render of Islamic religious services to the Muslim population of the area.
  • ┬áProvide Islamic education, Islamic youth leadership training programs and Islamic Outreach activities.
  • Disseminate information about Islamic culture and history to universities, colleges and schools to integrate in their curriculum.
  • Cooperate with other Islamic organizations, mosques and institutions in the area.
  • Establish partnerships with academic, cultural, scientific institutions and faith based non-profit organizations.
  • Establish an Islamic research facility open to the use of the general public and to specialized needs of the intellectual and academic community.
  • Establish a community based learning center to provide enrichments programs to neighborhood children.
  • Promote a dialogue dealing with the issues of religion and its service to the population in the 21st century.

Our Mission

To consistently practice the tenets of Islam and to uphold and reinforce Islamic value as illustrated in the holy Quran and the Sunnah of prophet Muhammad (pbuh);


  • to provide Islamic religious and education services to the followers of the religion of Islam
  • to elevate the general level of public consciousness and awareness of Islamic social and cultural values.
  • to provide services to the general community, irrespective of religion, that will aid in improving the cultural, social and intellectual quality of life of its residents.
  • to foster ways to participate with others in the community who have similar goals and objectives and in general to promote activities that do not compromise the goals and objectives of Masjid Omar Ibn al Khattab Foundation as outlined in this statement and the charter of the organization.

Our History

On January 21, 1994, in time for Ramadan of 1414 Hijri, Masjid Omar formally opened its doors. This was the culmination of over fifteen years of work by hundreds of volunteers to establish the first place of worship, in Los Angeles, designed and built as a Masjid.

The land for Masjid Omar was bequeathed in 1977 (1398 Hijri) by a mother, who fell ill and passed away, while visiting her children who were studying at the University of Southern California. Her donation was followed in turn by donations from untold numbers of benefactors to build the Masjid on the land.

The Masjid, which is part of the Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation, is a symbol of the emergence of Islam as a major mainstream religion in Los Angeles.

“Whosoever intercedes for a good cause will have the reward thereof.”

Al-Quran 4:85

A comprehensive support program is being developed by the Masjid. In the meantime, we would really appreciate it if you are able to donate to us. All donations to the Masjid are fully tax-deductible and can be made through credit card, your bank account or PayPal.